L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - July 15, 2015

Clue Answer
"I pity the fool" speaker MRT
64-Across that lasts forever? LIFETIMEBAN
Actor Lamas-Craig LORENZO
Airport on Flushing Bay, in itineraries LGA
All worked up IRATE
Appreciative cry BRAVO
Battery unit VOLT
Bobby who "thumbed a diesel down," in a 1971 #1 hit MCGEE
Church area APSE
Cinq et six ONZE
Classic A&W restaurant DRIVEIN
Contacted one's followers, nowadays TWEETED
Croquet surface LAWN
Defenseman Bobby with many trophies ORR
Devil IMP
Didn't finish on top LOST
Dinghy propeller OAR
Doctrine ISM
Extraordinary GREAT
Feature of some hammers CLAW
Finished on top WON
GI's break RNR
Go later than planned RUNOVER
Gun shop buy AMMO
Have a jones for CRAVE
Hide-hair link NOR
Highlighter tip NIB
Humanities maj SOC
It has a small charge ION
Jeweler Lalique RENE
Knocker's target? WOOD
Kooky ODD
Kuwaiti ruler EMIR
Last of a trio of 64-Across units? THIRDDEGREE
Letter after upsilon PHI
Like some casks OAKEN
Lovingly, in music AMOROSO
Lyrical before ERE
Marjoram kin OREGANO
Move like a monarch FLIT
Movie director's challenge EGO
Mower maker DEERE
Not easily misled ASTUTE
One using a bypass, maybe AVOIDER
Peak near Messina ETNA
Possess OWN
Recede EBB
Receive one's 64-Across shipment? GETTHEAXE
Research ctr INST
Resort near Arapaho National Forest VAIL
Result of a leadoff walk ONEON
Reward for bravery MEDAL
Sailing through ACING
Sancho's "steed" ASS
Saying "somethin'," say ELIDING
Seating designation ROW
Shouldered music source BOOMBOX
Some trial evidence DNA
Speedometer part NEEDLE
Staff note MEMO
Standoff IMPASSE
Sun. speaker REV
Sushi fish EELS
Swiss Guard's station, with "the" VATICAN
Theme of this puzzle DEODORANT
Trig. function COS
Try a little of SIP
TV exec Arledge ROONE
Valuable rocks ORES
Very best 64-Across? TOPSECRET
Weekly NBC offering SNL
Wet floor? LAKEBED
Winter air NOEL
Words to a waiter ORDER
__ cracker SODA