L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - July 13, 2015

Clue Answer
"Mars Attacks!" enemies, for short ETS
"No bid," in bridge IPASS
"Put a lid __!" ONIT
"That's __-brainer" ANO
"The Scarlet Letter" letter REDA
"The __ of the Ancient Mariner" RIME
'70s New York congresswoman Bella ABZUG
Acknowledge with a head gesture NODTO
Actor Redmayne of "The Theory of Everything" EDDIE
Affluent Los Angeles district ENCINO
Antarctic floaters BERGS
Baseball family name ALOU
BP merger partner AMOCO
Burden ONUS
Burrowing animal MOLE
Bygone intl. carrier TWA
Caboose's place TAILEND
Confucian "path" TAO
Credit card ID ACCTNO
Cross one's fingers HOPE
Crosses home plate SCORES
Crossword hint CLUE
Crude carrier OILER
Duracell size AAA
Feels poorly AILS
Flow back EBB
Fond du __, Wisconsin LAC
Fragrant compounds ESTERS
Golden-yrs. income source IRA
Gritty film genre NOIR
Home plate crossings RUNS
Imbalance of income distribution ECONOMICGAP
Insurance giant AETNA
Introductory remarks ... and, in a different sense, what the ends of 20-, 35- and 42-Across are OPENINGWORDS
Jack in a deck KNAVE
Japanese self-defense method JUJITSU
Keep in reserve SAVE
Krispy __: doughnut chain KREME
Launched capsule ROCKET
Linden or Holbrook HAL
Main blood vessel AORTA
Middle layer of the eye UVEA
Modern witch's religion WICCA
Ms. enclosure SASE
Netman Lendl IVAN
No longer valid NULLANDVOID
Northern Nevada county or its seat ELKO
Notes before sols FAS
Old Russian rulers TSARS
Opening for a coin SLOT
Ore layer VEIN
Pellet shooters AIRGUNS
Pickle containers JARS
Place for a brewski WATERINGHOLE
Plays the wrong golf ball, say ERRS
Pond organism ALGA
Pre-college, for short ELHI
Qatari bigwig EMIR
Recommended résumé length ONEPAGE
Reddish equine ROAN
Reward for a pet trick TREAT
Rough up ABUSE
Scientist Wernher __ Braun VON
Shih __: Tibetan dog TZU
String quartet member VIOLA
Three-sided sails JIBS
Togetherness UNITY
Tonsillitis-treating MD ENT
Two : company :: three : __ CROWD
Vidalia veggie ONION
Walgreens rival CVS
Where baguettes bake OVEN
Witnesses SEES
Wood decay DRYROT
Work the fields PLOW
Youngest Obama SASHA
__ Module: moon lander LUNAR