L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - February 21, 2015

Clue Answer
"Bless __ ...": Psalm 68 YEGOD
"Die Hard" cry adapted from an old cowboy song YIPPEEKIYAY
"Double Indemnity" genre FILMNOIR
"Far out!" NEATO
"Shadow of the Vampire" Oscar nominee DAFOE
"Swingin' Soiree" DJ MURRAYTHEK
"The Hangover" star EDHELMS
"The Spanish Tragedy" dramatist KYD
"What I always get" USUAL
"__ yourself!" BRACE
1946 Literature Nobelist HESSE
1980s "SNL" regular PISCOPO
1993 rap hit DREDAY
2012 British Open winner ELS
Ability to stand? TOLERANCE
About 1.8 tablespoons, vis-Г -vis a cup ONENINTH
About to crash? SLEEPYEYED
Australian wind DIDGERIDOO
Baby, for one SPICEGIRL
Baklava flavoring ROSEWATER
Basic ideas GISTS
Behan's land ERIN
Boorish Sacha Baron Cohen persona ALIG
Cheat, in slang BURN
Chess tactic PIN
Chinese dynasty during Caesar's time HAN
Churchill's "so few": Abbr RAF
Cocktail portmanteau APPLETINI
Court call LET
Despicable sort SLEAZEBALL
Fair-hiring initials EEO
Fifth-grader's milestone, maybe AGETEN
Full of spunk SCRAPPY
Get comfy NESTLE
Grasp KEN
Home of Phillips University ENID
Hullabaloo STIR
Instagrammed item SELFIE
Is worth something, in dialect AINTHAY
It doesn't include benefits BASESALARY
Jackson Hole's county TETON
Like the Negev SERE
Little BIT
Low-quality paper RAG
Modern location code IPADDRESS
Most massive known dwarf planet ERIS
Mr. __!: old detective game REE
Name derived from the Tetragrammaton YAHWEH
Nice parting ADIEU
Notice ESPY
One may involve a homonym PUN
One removed from the company? LONER
Pac-12 sch. whose mascot carries a pitchfork ASU
Range for some power measurements ZEROTOSIXTY
Reagan era mil. program SDI
Robot extension? ICS
Sacred beetle SCARAB
Start using Twitter, say LOGON
Step on stage PAS
Text status SENT
Trap catchings LINT
TV input letters AUX
Urban, e.g POPE
Vertical sides JAMBS
Victoria's Secret purchase BOYSHORTS
Wager LAY
Ward cry? NURSE
Willing consequence? INHERITING
[Oh, my!] GASP
__ bug JUNE