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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - April 29, 2015

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - April 29, 2015

Clue Answer
"__ End": 1970-'71 Streisand hit STONEY
*Griddle-cooked corn bread JOHNNYCAKE
*Knave in a black suit JACKOFCLUBS
*Like a well-made lock JIMMYPROOF
*Symbol of nakedness JAYBIRD
Actress Pinkett Smith JADA
Afterwards THEN
Amendments 1-10 subj RTS
Artist who had a Blue Period PICASSO
Big name in elevators OTIS
Billing nos HRS
By way of VIA
Car wash cycle RINSE
Casual day, perhaps: Abbr FRI
Clinker in a Glas EIS
Comedy team who voiced the Piel Brothers of beer fame BOBANDRAY
Corrosive compound ACID
Craving YEN
Deli option RYE
Drill successfully STRIKEOIL
Dvorák and Smetana BOHEMIANS
Ed Norton player ARTCARNEY
Editor's mark STET
Email again RESEND
Esoteric ARCANE
Feminine force YIN
Fiscal exec CFO
Flight-tracking fig ETA
Former Yankee manager who's now an MLB exec TORRE
French wine region RHONE
Game that's close to perfect ONEHITTER
God of Islam ALLAH
Goya's year ANO
Grieve MOURN
Hi-__ image RES
Hunter seen at night ORION
India's first prime minister NEHRU
Interdict BAN
Jazz solo RIFF
Jumping-in-puddles sound SPLOSH
Kalamazoo-to-Cincinnati dir SSE
Kelley's "Star Trek" role MCCOY
Kin of gov ORG
Lambs' kin RAMS
Learns HEARS
Like many dicts ABR
Low-__ diet CARB
Maldives landform ATOLL
Malia's sister SASHA
Muse for Millay ERATO
N.Y. commuter line with a Hempstead Branch LIRR
Not having yielded UNBENT
Off-color BAWDY
One who whistles while he works REF
Organic compound ENOL
Over there YONDER
Parenthetical comment ASIDE
Phobia lead-in ACRO
Prefix with state TRI
Pulitzer-winning WWII journalist ERNIEPYLE
Russia-Manchuria border river AMUR
Senate electee MEMBER
Simile center ASA
Some Alcan Highway pumps ESSO
Soon-to-be grads: Abbr SRS
Strain or sprain INJURY
Subjects of two Goya paintings MAJAS
Syrup-topped pastry BAKLAVA
Taxi pickup FARE
Things to avoid NONOS
Tofu source SOYA
Vietnamese holiday TET
With "The," post-prime time fare since the '50s, four of whose regular hosts appear in sequence in the answers to starred clues TONIGHTSHOW
Without help LONE
Young hoppers JOEYS

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