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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - April 27, 2015

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - April 27, 2015

Clue Answer
"Ah-oo-gah" horn KLAXON
"Are you asleep yet?" response IMUP
"Hold on a __" SEC
"Poison" plant SUMAC
"That never occurred to me" IHADNOIDEA
"__ Life to Live" ONE
1995 Reform Party founder PEROT
Affirmative vote YEA
Agile thief CATBURGLAR
Ancient invader of Rome GOTH
Ancient storyteller AESOP
Arctic or Antarctic OCEAN
Author Zola EMILE
Bash thrower HOST
Black-and-white cookies OREOS
Clumsy ... or what the ends of 17-, 37- and 42-Across are? ALLTHUMBS
Color named for a fruit LIMEGREEN
Converse competitor AVIA
Dance move STEP
Does a farm job MILKS
Engrave on glass, say ETCH
Eric Stonestreet's "Modern Family" role CAM
Fed. agents GMEN
Flat-topped hill MESA
Forbidden act NONO
Gets rid of, as weight LOSES
Glazed Easter meats HAMS
Go on tiptoe SNEAK
Got into shape, with "up" TONED
Howls at the moon BAYS
Jacob's first wife LEAH
Judge's hammer GAVEL
Legendary Lady Godiva watcher PEEPINGTOM
Lewd material SMUT
Like a mosquito bite ITCHY
Like an easy job, slangily CUSH
Like centerfolds SEXY
Makes watertight SEALS
Modeler's wood BALSA
Moose relative ELK
Negative votes NAYS
New Zealand fruit KIWI
Not tricked by ONTO
Out of the wind ALEE
Pale as a ghost ASHY
Park path LANE
Pepsi competitor RCCOLA
Prefix with red INFRA
Punctuation mark in large numbers COMMA
Quick inhalation GASP
Red-carpet garment GOWN
Running track shape OVAL
Scrapbook ALBUM
Seaside disaster cause TIDALWAVE
Seek the affections of WOO
Set aside a day for PLANON
Singer Reed LOU
Slip past EVADE
Soon, quaintly ANON
Southern Cal. airport LAX
Stiff from horseback riding SADDLESORE
Stop producing opportunities, as a financial market DRYUP
Supports for sails MASTS
Tapped beer holders KEGS
Tennis great Lendl IVAN
Tyke TOT
What a musty room needs AIRING
Word before house or plant POWER
Yang counterpart YIN
Yosemite monolith popular with rock climbers ELCAPITAN
__ rally PEP
__-Wan Kenobi OBI

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