L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - April 21, 2015

Clue Answer
"2001" computer HAL
"America by Heart" author Sarah PALIN
"Chocolat" actress Lena OLIN
"Give __ thoughts no tongue": "Hamlet" THY
"Think again!" NOTSO
"¿Qué __?" PASA
AFB truant AWOL
Allowed to ripen, as cheddar AGED
Appropriate room for the sequence comprised of the starts of 18-, 27-, 47- and 59-Across BATH
Aptly named fruit UGLI
Astronomical red giant SSTAR
Autumn mo OCT
Bagpiper, often SCOT
Bargain hunter's mecca FLEAMARKET
Beat to a froth WHIP
Bit of heckling JEER
Broken pottery piece SHARD
Buy lots of presents for SHOWERWITHGIFTS
Call to mind EVOKE
Chipmunk's morsel ACORN
Chocolate syrup choice BOSCO
Cinematic shootout time NOON
Controversial coal-extraction process STRIPMINING
Curse-inflicting stare EVILEYE
Decent chaps GENTS
Do-over on the court LET
Doctor's org AMA
Everglades wader EGRET
Extremely impressed INAWE
Family room DEN
Fraternity counterpart: Abbr SOR
Good name for a tree-lined street ELM
H-like letter ETA
Helga's Viking husband, in comics HAGAR
Includes in the poker game DEALSTO
Infielders BASEMEN
Jazz singer Krall DIANA
Kathryn of "Law & Order: C.I." ERBE
Kind of card or drive FLASH
Kit __: candy bar KAT
Legal suspension STAY
Like some military housing ONPOST
Literary postscripts EPILOGS
Long gun RIFLE
Makeup tables VANITIES
Monica of tennis SELES
More than dislikes DESPISES
Not barefoot SHOD
Nursery bed CRIB
Old audio system HIFI
One in Paris UNE
Opera house section DRESSCIRCLE
Opposite of hor VERT
Pro basketball player, briefly NBAER
Really mad BOILING
Rose (up) on hind legs, to a cowhand RARED
Royal flush card KING
Sci-fi weapons PHASERS
Second lang., for some ENG
Self-image EGO
Senate slot SEAT
Soda container CAN
Some Balkanites SERBS
Spanish "I love you" TEAMO
Stick (out) JUT
Stuck-in-the-mud gear LOW
Therefore ERGO
Tiny fraction of a min NSEC
University VIP PROF
Wisc. neighbor MICH
__-Loompa: fictional chocolate factory worker OOMPA