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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - September 24, 2014

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - September 24, 2014

"Come Back, Little Sheba" playwright INGE
"Family Matters" nerd URKEL
"Hands off!" MINE
"Moonstruck" Oscar winner CHER
"You've got carte blanche" NAMEIT
*Arm, to an ace pitcher MEALTICKET
*Issue that halts negotiations DEALBREAKER
*Monetary love, in Timothy ROOTOFALLEVIL
*One in the infantry FOOTSOLDIER
A.L. Central team, on scoreboards CLE
Alpine airs YODELS
Asian vine leaf BETEL
Beat it FLED
Bird along the coast ERNE
Biting ACERB
Bobrun runners SLEDS
Butterfly, e.g STROKE
Charges for services FEES
Christ the __: statue in Rio REDEEMER
Conditions STATES
Cooking aids OILS
Cry of surrender UNCLE
Cry of woe OHNO
Deck crew boss BOSUN
Finish by ENDAT
Fit to __ ATEE
Five smackers FIN
Former OTC watchdog NASD
French wine region RHONE
Full of spunk FEISTY
Future J.D.'s exam LSAT
Gaza Strip gp PLO
Golden Horde member TATAR
Have little faith in DISTRUST
How a 59-Across is typically shown INRED
Kind of purpose DUAL
Like a curled-up position FETAL
Little stream RILL
Loop in old Westerns NOOSE
Mackerel relative BONITO
Made it big, as in school athletics LETTERED
Mendelssohn's "Elijah," for one ORATORIO
Nondiscriminating immigration policy OPENDOOR
One of the Bobbsey twins NAN
Ones taking hikes: Abbr QBS
Opposite of ecto- ENTO
Pharmacy inventory DRUGS
Pinball goof TILT
Protect against heat loss, say INSULATE
Pumped product FUEL
Putting green border APRON
Russian country home DACHA
Sci-fi vehicle UFO
Sicilian smoker ETNA
Sluggish TORPID
Soprano Mitchell LEONA
Statement of agreement IDO
Stockholder's concern LOSS
Sundial number VII
Tolkien giant ENT
Treated, as a sprain ICED
Truckloads OODLES
Turkey or fox follower TROT
Unaided SOLO
Unswerving, and a hint to the starts of the answers to starred clues FOURSQUARE
Valerie Harper role RHODA
Voltaic cell terminals ANODES
Welding sparks ARCS
What a goldbrick does IDLES
WWII carrier LST
__-Aztecan languages UTO

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