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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - September 22, 2014

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - September 22, 2014

"Joy to the World" songwriter Axton HOYT
"Later!" IMOFF
"The jig __!" ISUP
"__ Ha'i": "South Pacific" song BALI
Aficionado FAN
Alfalfa's sweetheart DARLA
Almost on "E" LOW
Amble past STROLLBY
Antlered critter ELK
Appraised RATED
Auctioned auto, often REPO
Auditor of bks CPA
Avoid like the plague SHUN
Bagel flavor ONION
Brother of Abel and Cain SETH
Bucking beast BRONC
Cabinet dept. head SECY
Circular gasket ORING
Connector of two points LINE
Cop's night stick, and what the beginnings of 18-, 25- and 43-Across could form BILLYCLUB
Crate piece SLAT
Crossword puzzle component GRID
Driver with a handle CBER
Envelope closers FLAPS
Equivalent, in France EGAL
Fifth-cen. pope called "The Great" STLEO
Fix up and resell quickly FLIP
Fly like an eagle SOAR
Fortuneteller's tool CRYSTALBALL
Frozen sheet FLOE
Get-go ONSET
Gradually introduce PHASEIN
Grammy winner Khan CHAKA
High schooler TEEN
Hold a parking lot party TAILGATE
Inner Hebrides isle IONA
Jackets named for an English school ETONS
Lascivious LEWD
Like the Oz woodsman TIN
Lipton unit TEABAG
Lounging robe CAFTAN
Meat with eggs HAM
Minimum-range tide NEAP
New York canal ERIE
Once, old-style ERST
One taking bets BOOKIE
Overhangs around the house EAVES
Pirate's booty SWAG
Prado hangings ARTE
Ranked in the tournament SEEDED
Red and Yellow SEAS
Regarding ASTO
Saint from Assisi FRANCIS
Sashimi staple TUNA
Scheduled takeoff hrs ETDS
School kid PUPIL
Sculptor's material CLAY
Selling point for a house on the coast OCEANVIEW
Sin forbidden by the Second Commandment IDOLWORSHIP
Some CFOs' degrees MBAS
Southwestern plateaus MESAS
Sport-__: off-road vehicle UTE
Suffix with million or billion AIRE
Suit to __ ATEE
Thailand neighbor LAOS
Tiny biting insect GNAT
Top bond rating AAA
Traditional tales FOLKLORE
Untidy type SLOB
Watch pocket FOB
Weather map line ISOBAR
Wedge of wood SHIM
Wild guesses STABS
Yoga position ASANA
Yosemite photographer Adams ANSEL
__ Domini ANNO

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