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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - September 21 2014

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - September 21 2014

Clue Answer
"Airplane!" hero Striker TED
"Hurry up!" SHAKEALEG
"Just the Way You __" ARE
"Let's Get It On" singer GAYE
"Now I remember" AHYES
"Seriously!" OHCOMEON
"Shucks!" DARN
"That feels so nice!" AAH
"That's enough out of you!" PUTACORKINIT
"Wheel of Fortune" buy ANE
"__ big deal!" ITSNO
"__ you one" IOWE
1,000-yr. realm HRE
A.L. East team TOR
Actress Lena OLIN
Add more flavoring to RESALT
Amtrak express ACELA
Ancient region of Asia Minor IONIA
Anti-drug ads, e.g PSAS
Artist Yoko ONO
Atlanta-to-Miami dir SSE
Attila, for one HUN
Ballet support? TOE
Become a mother, maybe ADOPT
Berserk AMOK
Big name in athletic shoes NEWBALANCE
Bobby Jones, for his entire golfing career AMATEUR
Bordeaux bud AMI
Browsing activity marker COOKIE
C to C, say OCTAVE
Café lighteners LAITS
Campus bigwig DEAN
Cartoon girl with a talking backpack DORA
Check TAB
Christmas rental SANTACOSTUME
City with a Kansas State campus SALINA
Classic Western shout HIYOSILVER
Clay or Webster, briefly USSENATOR
Conclude one's case REST
Corn holder SILO
Court figure PLAINTIFF
Creek croakers TOADS
Crossed paths with MET
Cuban Liberation Day month ENERO
Doggy bag item BONE
Downhill, e.g SKIRACE
Exchanges SWAPS
Family rec center YMCA
February 1945 summit YALTACONFERENCE
Felix Leiter's org., in Bond films CIA
Field of action VENUE
Firth or fjord INLET
Futures dealer? PSYCHIC
Gardener's enemy APHID
Geometry product AREA
German gripe ACH
Get ready for a fight TRAIN
Ghana's capital ACCRA
Golfer's pocketful TEES
Heavy herbivores HIPPOS
Hold on tight CLING
HP Photosmart insert ORIG
Initial phases ONSETS
It has keys and stops ORGAN
Jokhang Temple city LHASA
Jordan River outlet DEADSEA
Koufax quartet NOHITGAMES
Lamb Chop creator Lewis SHARI
Lang. of Luther GER
Lap dog, briefly POM
Layered snack OREO
Letter before chi PHI
Like a sleeping baby ANGELIC
Like some pockets DEEP
Like some pullovers HOODED
Likewise TOO
Lineman? ACTOR
Makes sense COHERES
Matches audio to video, say SYNCS
Mealtime annoyances PHONECALLS
Meat order specification LEAN
Men with manors LORDS
Milano Mr SIG
Millay and Milton POETS
Millennium Falcon pilot HANSOLO
Mmes., in La Mancha SRAS
Newspaper section ARTS
Nissan Bluebird competitor TOYOTACORONA
No-luck link SUCH
Notable survivor of the Trojan War AENEAS
Op-Ed pieces COLUMNS
Org. that promotes hunter safety NRA
Oscar winner Kidman NICOLE
PC-to-PC system LAN
Pen handle? BIC
Picture file suffix GIF
Political period TERM
Prepares, as for action GIRDS
Punic Wars fighter ROMAN
Put a cap on LIMIT
Quite heavy OBESE
Rand who created John Galt AYN
Remote button REW
Rescue pro EMT
Rescuer of Odysseus INO
Robin Roberts' show, initially GMA
Signs of spring THAWS
Skype appointment EDATE
Sno-Cat feature TREAD
Snow measure INCH
Some Dropbox contents DATA
Some fruit pie crusts LATTICES
Sour British brew ALEGAR
Spikes, as punch LACES
Split causes RIFTS
Sport with a referee called a gyoji SUMO
Storied ball dropper GALILEO
Strong morning drink ROBUSTACOFFEE
Strong suit FORTE
Teases, with "on" RAGS
Temporary fix STOPGAP
They bite TEETH
This and that THESE
Time to swing ATBAT
Try a little of SIP
Unified ONE
USAF noncom TSGT
Virologist who worked with Epstein BARR
Weightlifting beneficiary PEC
Where the Storting makes legislative decisions OSLO
Wiltshire monument STONEHENGE
Workbook chapter UNIT
Works at home, maybe UMPS
World's largest energy consumer CHINA
WWII domain ETO
Yakov Smirnoff catchphrase WHATACOUNTRY
[Not a typo] SIC
__ chi TAI
__ Mason: investment giant LEGG

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