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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - September 20 2014

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - September 20 2014

Clue Answer
"The Phantom Tollbooth" protagonist MILO
11-Down skill CPR
1960s role for Bamboo Harvester MRED
31-Across pro EMT
Abound TEEM
Accommodating AGREEABLE
Auto safety feature HEADREST
Barnyard cries BRAYS
Beginning to function? DYS
Braking system component SHOE
Bridge do-over REDEAL
Brno natives CZECHS
Capital with an Algonquin name OTTAWA
Carrier to Copenhagen SAS
Casanova ROUE
Citrus whose juice is used in Asian cuisine YUZU
Curtis Cup contenders AMATEURS
Did a sendup of APED
Drops during lows TEARS
Employer of vets: Abbr SPCA
Four-note piece TAPS
Give as a task ASSIGN
Hacker's cry IMIN
Heroine with notable buns LEIA
Hitching post attachment TETHER
Hold (up) PROP
Hurt in a ring GORED
Ins. giant AIG
It may be up JIG
Ivy, e.g.: Abbr SCH
Jump, in a way OBEY
Knight life ideal CHIVALRY
Lallygags DOGSIT
Like the trade winds EASTERLY
Loan applicant's asset STEADYJOB
Loin cut TBONE
London's earliest water pipes were made with it ELM
Longtime Ivory rival LIFEBUOY
Make wrinkly RUMPLE
Many a jayvee athlete SOPH
Measures taken slowly? LENTO
Moles may cross them ENEMYLINES
Much of the New Testament is attributed to him PAUL
One might include "Go skydiving" BUCKETLIST
Ones spotted in casinos DICE
Org. with an online Patriot Index DAR
Part of Italy where Calabria is, figuratively TOE
Peaked WAN
Performer in every episode of "Laugh-In" RUTHBUZZI
Pirate inducted at Cooperstown in 1988 STARGELL
Port opener HELI
Pungent condiment WASABI
Rats along the Rhine? ACH
Reinforce BRACE
Relaxing outing SPADAY
Requiem Mass segment DIESIRAE
Seaside strolling spot PIER
Self-satisfied sound HEH
Site with an important part in a 1956 film? REDSEA
Specifically TOWIT
Standoffish type ICICLE
Stop and go, say ANTONYMS
Took for a ride SWINDLED
Try to pick up COMEONTO
Tuning shortcut PRESET
URL ending ORG
West Point grads: Abbr LTS
Winless horse MAIDEN
Word with run or jump SKI
Words of resignation CESTLAVIE

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