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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Sep 19, 2014

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Sep 19, 2014

Clue Answer
"Fooled you!" PSYCH
"Gross!" ICK
"Let us part, __ the season of passion forget us": Yeats ERE
"Shirt Front and Fork" artist ARP
"That's a surprise" HUH
"__ Shorty": Elmore Leonard novel GET
A muse may inspire them IDEAS
Activity on a mat YOGA
Actor Green of "Robot Chicken" SETH
All square EVEN
Answer to the riddle ARRRRRRRRRRRRGO
Bar, in law ESTOP
Beef, e.g MEAT
Big piece SLAB
Bold alternative ERA
British subject? MATHS
Buddy MAC
Burnt __ crisp TOA
Caesar in "Rise of the Planet of the Apes," for one CHIMP
Cardiologist's concern AORTA
Catch in a web ENMESH
Chevrolet SUV TAHOE
Coat closet locale, often ENTRYWAY
Currency replaced by the euro PESETA
Doesn't take anything in FASTS
Dropped the ball ERRED
Egyptian snakes ASPS
End of the riddle MOVIE
Fanfare ECLAT
Farm field cry CAW
Goad, with "on" EGG
Headlight setting HIGHBEAM
Heroic stories EPICS
Highs and lows, perhaps MOODS
Image on the Michigan state flag ELK
Kazakhstan, once: Abbr SSR
KOA visitors RVS
Lagoon border ATOLL
Lakers coach __ Scott BYRON
Like a string bean LANKY
Long-legged wader HERON
Lose sleep (over) STEW
Louis __, eponym of the Kentucky city XVI
Lyricist Gershwin IRA
Makes a home NESTS
Many a lap dog TOY
Melonlike fruit PAPAYA
Mice, to owls PREY
Monkey wrench wielder? SABOTEUR
Mystery guest moniker MRX
Nearsighted one MYOPE
Polite gesture HATTIP
Really ticked IRATE
Riddle, part three FAVORITE
Riddle, part two APIRATES
River mammal OTTER
Rm. coolers ACS
Road __ MAP
Sellout sign, briefly SRO
Singer with the Mel-Tones TORME
Singer's asset RANGE
Small opening? ESS
Smashing, at the box office BOFFO
Some microbrews RYEBEERS
Square one OUTSET
Start of a riddle WHATS
Suffix with Mao ISM
Summertime woe HEATRASH
Sumptuous meals FEASTS
Suppress STIFLE
Through VIA
Tokyo-based brewery ASAHI
Tooth covering ENAMEL
Unauthorized disclosures LEAKS
Well-mannered fellows GENTS

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