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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Sep 17, 2014

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Sep 17, 2014

"A Change Is Gonna Come" singer/songwriter Sam COOKE
"About __": Hugh Grant film ABOY
"Cagney and __": '80s cop show LACEY
"Full House" twins OLSENS
"I hope to hear from you" CALLME
"It'd be my pleasure" ALLOWME
"No more details, please!" TMI
"Right?!" IKNOW
"The Song of Hiawatha" tribe OJIBWA
"Your point is ...?" AND
"__ Master's Voice" HIS
"__ Unchained": 2012 Tarantino film DJANGO
*Allowance for the cafeteria MILKMONEY
*Butcher's appliance MEATGRINDER
*Prankster's balloon WATERBOMB
Amateur radio operator HAM
Arctic explorer John RAE
Auction unit LOT
Bass brew ALE
Behind-schedule comment IMLATE
Biblical reformer EZRA
Called out SHOUTED
Cartoonist's supply INKS
Catch on the range LASSO
Catherine's home ARAGON
Comic strip cry ACK
Conference with UVA and UNC ACC
Doing nothing IDLE
Dr. with Grammys DRE
Eliot Ness, e.g TMAN
Expensive HIGH
Fast food package deal COMBO
Fishing spot POND
Formulate a possible explanation THEORIZE
Freeloader MOOCH
Fruit that can be the source of the starts of the answers to starred clues COCONUT
Fury IRE
Greek vowel ETA
Guthrie at Woodstock ARLO
Hazardous curve ESS
Hoedown participant GAL
Lip applications BALMS
Manually BYHAND
More than unpopular HATED
Mystery master POE
Nest egg item, for short IRA
Newspaper filler ADS
Nice duds GLADRAGS
Not just some ALL
Oman locale ASIA
Operated RAN
Overly compliant MEEK
People people CELEBS
Persons ONES
Pewter component TIN
Picture on a screen ICON
Piece corps, briefly? NRA
Pre-euro Iberian coin ESCUDO
Put one over on CON
Ready to be driven INGEAR
Ride the wind SOAR
Ring-tailed scavenger, to Crockett COON
Rodeo horse BRONCO
Ruined, as hopes DASHED
Salon supply GEL
Sharp-eyed hunter EAGLE
Sings like Rudy Vallee CROONS
Sock part HEEL
Square peg, socially speaking DWEEB
Start a hand DEAL
Start the wrong way? HOTWIRE
T size LGE
Time for fools? APRIL
Time to attack HHOUR
Tree-damaging insect BORER
Viagra alternative CIALIS

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