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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Sep 16, 2014

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Sep 16, 2014

"Holy cow!" YIPE
"My apologies" SORRY
Afghanistan's __ Bora TORA
All-inclusive adjective EVERY
Bakery array PIES
Baseball family name ALOU
Bolivian capital LAPAZ
Bustle TODO
Butterlike spread OLEO
Compulsive thief, for short KLEPTO
Corner chessmen ROOKS
Divvy up SHARE
Do a bakery job KNEAD
Easily bamboozled sort PATSY
Electrical adapter letters ACDC
Fabric mishap TEAR
Fifty-fifty EVEN
Final part TAILEND
Foil maker ALCOA
Former Mach 2 fliers, briefly SSTS
Fountain drink SODA
Fraternal title for a fictional fox BRER
French king ROI
French play part ACTE
Furry "Star Wars" creatures EWOKS
Gas holder TANK
Get a glimpse of SPOT
Hawaii hello ALOHA
Hockey player's blade cover SKATEGUARD
Kibbles 'n Bits alternative ALPO
Largest of the Mariana Islands GUAM
Letters in a box MAIL
Lightweight wood BALSA
Log-on requirement USERID
Mechanic on TV's "Taxi" LATKA
Meticulous, as premium service WHITEGLOVE
Music rights gp ASCAP
No longer squeaking OILED
No-frills shelter TENT
Old vendor of cold blocks ICEMAN
One-sided win ROMP
Org. concerned with greenhouse gases EPA
Pheasant or turkey FOWL
Prohibitionists DRYS
Rather nice QUITEGOOD
Regain, and hint to a hidden letter arrangement in 20- and 59-Across and 11- and 35-Down GETBACK
Robert of "The Sopranos" ILER
Roofing color SLATEGRAY
Room-size computer unveiled in 1946 ENIAC
Sch. in Columbus OSU
See 19-Across ROVER
Senate gofer PAGE
Serious SOLEMN
Sign of hunger PANG
Sinclair Lewis' "__ Gantry" ELMER
Socially awkward type NERD
Sound system part AMP
Sri Lanka setting ASIA
Steak cut LOIN
Striped equine ZEBRA
Subtle "Over here!" PSST
Swampy areas MIRES
Swine's supper SLOP
Texter's "Zounds!" OMG
Thick-skinned beast RHINO
Ticked off ANGRY
Top-rated AONE
U-Haul vans, e.g RENTALS
U.S.-Canada defense letters NORAD
When tripled, "and so on" YADDA
Whirling current EDDY
With 54-Down, longtime Jeep competitor LAND
Wonderland cake words EATME
Work on a keyboard TYPE
www help pages FAQS
Xbox 360 competitor WII
__ Place: Butch and Sundance companion ETTA

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