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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Sep 14, 2014

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Sep 14, 2014

"And Winter Came..." album maker ENYA
"For the life __ ..." OFME
"Grumpy" film title characters OLDMEN
"Law & Order" figs DAS
"Law & Order: __" SVU
"Mangia!" EAT
"Very funny" TV station TBS
"WARMING! Keep within reach of children" brand EGGO
1998 Masters champion OMEARA
5-min. NHL periods OTS
77-year-old duck DAFFY
A hundred bucks ONEC
About, legally INRE
Actress Daly TYNE
Alaskan site of the only WWII battle on U.S. soil ATTU
Ancient ascetics ESSENES
Argue JAW
Asgard head ODIN
Bay, say INLET
Benefits BOONS
Big times ERAS
Birth mo. for some Scorpios OCT
Body __ IMAGE
Bowie's "Berlin Trilogy" collaborator ENO
Break the law, in a way SPEED
Breeze (through) COAST
Bridge holding TENACE
Cabo's peninsula BAJA
Capital overlooking the Pacific LIMA
Carrier that merged with Meridiana in 2013 AIRITALY
Cat in a casa GATO
Cause of kitchen tears ONION
Classy vehicle for actor Elliott? THESOLIDGOULDCADILLAC
Clever maneuver by a grade school class? KINDERGARTENCOUP
Cognac bottle letters VSOP
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Conducted LED
Count in music BASIE
Countenance MIEN
Cravat cousin ASCOT
Deliberately misconstrues PERVERTS
Devil IMP
Diamond tool MITT
Distinguishing quality TRAIT
Divided into groups for auction LOTTED
Doesn't seed, perhaps SODS
Either "You've Got Mail" co-screenwriter EPHRON
Ex-UN chief Annan KOFI
Fall behind LAG
Film dog ASTA
First name in exploring LEIF
Fixes a column, say EDITS
Flynn of film ERROL
Folksy TV attorney MATLOCK
Foolish DAFT
Formal acknowledgment of the end of the calla season? AFAREWELLTOARUMS
Friday player WEBB
Fronded plant FERN
Funny Bombeck ERMA
Game with marriage and kids LIFE
Garden tool HOE
Get wise with SASS
Ghostly glow AURA
Go for SEEK
Groundbreaking discoveries? FAULTS
Heavy weight ONETON
Heroic medal whose recipient didn't feel worthy of it? THERUEDBADGEOFCOURAGE
Hoover rivals ORECKS
Hurdles for future attys LSATS
In vino __ VERITAS
Island band The __ Men BAHA
Island strings UKE
Itinerary component ROUTE
Jackie's predecessor MAMIE
Justice Dept. arm ATF
Kazakhstan river URAL
Laughing sound HAR
Lending inst LIB
Like D's, gradewise POOR
Like San Francisco's Coit Tower DECO
Like some reasoning APRIORI
Main Theban deity AMON
Major conflict WAR
Many a ski house AFRAME
Midnight distress call? ASHOUTINTHEDARK
Minnesota-based hotel chain RADISSON
Native Nebraskan OTOE
Nonclerical LAIC
Not a colorful restaurant list? MENUINBLACK
Not on any side NEUTRAL
NRC forerunner AEC
Occurred CAME
Often-seen abbr. in English drama SHAK
Old Roman road ITER
Ole Miss rival BAMA
One of the Allmans DUANE
Online self-image AVATAR
Paradise EDEN
Pitcher known as "Tom Terrific" SEAVER
Places LOCI
Premier League soccer team, briefly MANU
President with an airport named for him DEGAULLE
Rampant RIFE
Rap Dr DRE
River rat NUTRIA
Rocking place CRADLE
Role for Ingrid ILSA
Save like mad HOARD
Sends, in a way SHIPS
Shade of blue SKY
Sign of spring GEMINI
Slot machine's one ARM
Sort ILK
South end? ERN
South-of-the-border water AGUA
Stat for getting people home RBIS
Tasteless TACKY
That, in Taxco ESA
Threshold VERGE
Throat-clearing sound AHEM
Tina's "30 Rock" role LIZ
Toyota model AVALON
Univ. military program ROTC
USN officers LTS
Vacation site ISLE
Vessel for Jason ARGO
Warnings for Rio sailors? BUOYSFROMBRAZIL
Weary TIRE
Where I-15 and I-80 intersect UTAH
Where some ticket selling is done INACAGE
Wonder Woman portrayer Carter LYNDA
Word spoken in mock indignation MOI
__ buddy BOSOM
__ historique: opera genre FAIT
__ South DEEP

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