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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Sep 13, 2014

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Sep 13, 2014

"... but perhaps I'm mistaken" ORNOT
"As You Like It" character CELIA
"Follow me" THISWAY
"__ well ..." ALLS
'80s West Coast stereotype VALLEYGIRL
1961 recipient of an Honorary Award Oscar STANLAUREL
1988 Radio Hall of Fame inductee, with "The" LONERANGER
Accepts, with "in" OPTS
Ally Financial Inc., formerly GMAC
Annex WING
Arthur with a Tony BEA
Artist Magritte RENE
Auto discontinued in 1974 and relaunched in 2004 PONTIACGTO
Binding agreement IDO
Bygone boomers SSTS
Chicago-based professional org AMA
Decisive factor BOTTOMLINE
Deli selection BLT
Eastern holidays TETS
Explorer who landed at Calicut in 1498 DAGAMA
Filling limit BRIM
Frat letters PSIS
Go over beforehand PREEXAMINE
Heart, in hearts ONEPOINT
Hockey __ MOM
Init. response team EMTS
Jesus of baseball ALOU
Lack of refinement INELEGANCE
Like some umps' calls REVIEWABLE
Long-tailed monkey TITI
Low area VALE
Mechanical method ROTE
No __: menu notice MSG
Nursery reactions AWS
Old platters LPS
One asking a lot of questions QUIZMASTER
One pushing the limit SPEEDDEMON
Open hearing, in law OYER
Order with many options OMELET
Pass quickly FLIT
Puffs up SWELLS
Range-finding apparatus TELEMETER
Reproduces, in a way XEROXES
Saudi Arabia neighbor OMAN
Schlep TOTE
Short reply RSVP
Sign of availability TOLET
Some brick houses ADOBES
Some slow-cooked cuisine, for short TEXASBBQ
Space-saving term ETAL
Spot for a snake NEST
Spotted SEEN
Stain causes SPILLS
Style involving a pick AFRO
Suffix with exist ENCE
Suggestive look LEER
Thai appetizer SATAY
Touring the Getty Center Museum, briefly INLA
Weather station instrument RAINGAUGE
Wooden peg DOWEL
Woody Woodpecker's creator LANTZ
Words of resignation ITSTOOLATE
World of bugs and plants? SPYDOM
Yesterday, in Paris HIER
__ curls BICEP
__ ped.: piano music instruction SOST

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