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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Sep 12, 2014

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Sep 12, 2014

"Come Sail Away" band STYX
"How now? __?": Hamlet, before mistakenly slaying Polonius ARAT
"Pippin" Tony winner FOSSE
"State Fair" setting DESMOINES
"Top Gear" airer BBC
"Up hill, down __ ...": Burns BRAE
"__ We Are": Estefan hit HERE
Ardent AVID
Begun: Abbr ESTD
Berry rich in antioxidants ACAI
Bestows AWARDS
Bird was one, briefly CELT
Blueprint spec ... or a '60s-'70s rock group conceding a poker hand? FOLDINGDOORS
Blueprint spec ... or an MGM heartthrob's cousin from the Netherlands? DUTCHGABLE
Blueprint spec ... or, allowable hours for hound sounds? BAYWINDOWS
Blueprint spec ... or, job fit for a king's silversmith? CROWNMOLDING
Boston or Chicago BAND
Circus sound OOH
Cloud HAZE
Con artist, for one LIAR
Contemptible ones CURS
Crisscross patterns PLAIDS
Downed EATEN
General on a takeout menu TSO
Gets ready for lunch, maybe ZAPS
GI chow MRES
GI show gp USO
GI's mail drop APO
Goat with Iberian and Siberian species IBEX
Improvisational style SCAT
Inconsequential MEAN
Inflamed STIRRED
Initial MAIDEN
Kettle emission HISS
LeBron's Miami uniform number SIX
Like some saxes ALTO
Look over EYE
Manuscript encl SASE
Many a late '90s startup DOTCOM
Mendelssohn's Opus 20, e.g OCTET
Moistens, in a way BEDEWS
Mr. __!: old whodunit game REE
Name on a Yorba Linda library NIXON
Naysayer ANTI
Numerical extreme LEAST
Ocean predators ORCAS
One who might play under a balcony SERENADER
One-on-one sport EPEE
Out of town AWAY
Rajah's tongue HINDI
Ready to be printed EDITED
Regular TV show SERIES
Revival prefix NEO
Ruled out NEGATED
Service station? PEW
Shell competitor ESSO
Sheltered, nautically ALEE
Short pants? GASPS
Soul singer Adams OLETA
Sound of relief PHEW
Study, say ROOM
Tater Tots maker OREIDA
The __, Netherlands HAGUE
Took its toll? RANG
Twist and compress WRING
Uncle __ BENS
Unfamiliar NEW
Used a plane on EVENED
Useful quality ASSET
Will Smith title role ALI
Words of agreement IAM
__ column SPINAL
__ fault TOA
__ splicing GENE

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