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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Sep 11, 2014

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Sep 11, 2014

"Collages" novelist NIN
"Private Benjamin" star HAWN
Abbey recess APSE
Aired again RERAN
Airline seat pocket item, briefly MAG
American Airlines Arena team MIAMIHEAT
Attorney's thing RES
Bathroom fixtures TUBS
Be unable to stand DETEST
Beach lotion letters SPF
Bk. after Ezra NEH
Bounders CADS
Capacity limit SATURATION
Carpet blemish STAIN
Cartoon genre ANIME
Cranberry quality TANG
Diamond corner FIRSTBASE
Equi- kin ISO
Exists no more ISNT
Film composer Morricone ENNIO
Forever __ STAMP
Fuming ANGRY
Go out with SEE
Govt. agent TMAN
Horn honker of classic comedy HARPO
Hotel housekeeping supply LINEN
Hymn ender AMEN
I-5, for one HWY
In a funk SAD
Insulated jacket PARKA
It's near Miss ALA
Journalist Koppel TED
Kennel sounds YAPS
Law firm office, perhaps: Abbr STE
Like most wedding cakes ORNATE
Louisiana music style ZYDECO
Medit. hot spot MTETNA
Molar mender's org ADA
Moment of change TRANSITION
Nestlé ice cream brand EDYS
Not getting it, and, in a different way, what 18-, 22-, 52- and 58-Across are MISSINGTHEPOINT
Not reactive INERT
Olympic judge, e.g RATER
Opposite of set RISE
Otitis-treating MD ENT
Parting words ADIEUS
Piece of glass PANE
Pinnacles ACMES
Plays chords, in a way STRUMS
Pound and Poe POETS
Practical joker's cry IGOTCHA
Reebok rival ADIDAS
Salt Lake City Winter Olympics year MMII
Santa __, California ANA
Scatters, as petals STREWS
Score that often requires overtime ONEONE
Sensitive spot PRESSURE
Spa treatment PEEL
Squeeze (out) EKE
Stir ADO
Synthetic rubber, for one POLYMER
Triangular chip DORITO
Turn down DENY
TV feed component AUDIO
University of Nevada city RENO
Unlike rock bands on MTV's "Unplugged" AMPED
Uno y uno DOS
Viruses, worms, etc MALWARE
Visit Overstock.com, say SHOP
Who __ Nation: New Orleans Saints fans DAT
Wildlife photographs may be a memento of one SAFARI
Wine from Italy ASTI
Winter fall SLEET
Word with ball or cup EYE
Zero degrees Celsius, for water FREEZING

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