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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Sep 05, 2014

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Sep 05, 2014

"A Few Good Men" playwright Sorkin AARON
"Consider that a gift" KEEPIT
"I'll take a shot" LETME
"Just like me" ASIDO
"Shoot!" NUTS
"The Situation Room" airer CNN
"Uh-uh" NOPE
"Voices Carry" pop group '__ Tuesday TIL
1964 Nobelist's monogram MLK
1975 Pure Prairie League hit AMIE
Alcatraz, e.g.: Abbr ISL
Arrest readings: Abbr RTS
Band from Birmingham, Eng ELO
Barrett of Pink Floyd SYD
Brain teaser ENIGMA
Cast aspersions SNIPE
Comfy room DEN
Condos, to the management UNITS
Damaging combination ONETWO
Destroy, in a way GUT
Discreet email letters BCC
Distressed, with "up" HET
Dress down BERATE
Exceptional practical joke? GREATJAPE
Fever with chills AGUE
Glorifying work ODE
Goodman's forte SWING
Hindustan ruler RAJAH
How an airport shuttle travels TOANDFRO
Hwy. paralleling I-95 USONE
Iroquois League tribe ONEIDA
Jack's friend resting on the hill? JILLATEASE
Kung __ chicken PAO
Lost one's footing SLID
Lower-cost Nintendo offering WIIMINI
Lunch spot DELI
Michelangelo's "David," e.g NUDE
NBA legend, familiarly DRJ
Numbers for songs?: Abbr SYN
On the other hand BUT
Org. that regulates vaccines FDA
Pen occupants CONS
Perturbed INASTATE
Place in Monopoly's orange monopoly STJAMES
Place to luxuriate SPA
Plenty SCADS
Pope Francis, e.g JESUIT
Prepare for a siege DIGIN
Pretentious showoffs, or, another way, what one would do to create 16-, 23-, 34- and 48-Across POPINJAYS
Pull up stakes, briefly RELO
Rang tragically KNELLED
Reel relatives JIGS
Relative of Inc LTD
Reprimand ending ANONO
Savors, with "in" BASKS
Short hike for a beginner? MAIDENJAUNT
Single-file travelers, at times ANTS
Some discriminators SEXISTS
Storage place TOOLSHED
Supply near the register MINTS
Take a load off UNBURDEN
To a degree SOMEWHAT
Top designer? MILLINER
Tries (for) GUNS
War need? ENEMY
Warning sound SIREN
Was too sweet CLOYED
What bearded men get in blizzards? SNOWYJOWLS
Word with living or bitter END
Wrist brand TIMEX
__ Jose SAN

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