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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - August 21, 2014

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - August 21, 2014

"Abort!" key ESC
"That's a shame!" ALAS
"The Tempest" spirit ARIEL
42-Across helper ELF
Academic Maine town ORONO
Auto club amenities MAPS
Autumn mo OCT
Beast in the Royal Arms of England LION
Beethoven's last piano concerto, familiarly, with "the" EMPEROR
Brightening near a sunspot SOLARFLARE
Checkers' speech? (or what are hidden in 17-, 24-, 35- and 49-Across) DOGSOUNDS
Chowed down ATE
Citi Field player MET
Cut drastically SLASH
Deals with a patchy lawn RESEEDS
Do lutzes, say SKATE
Duvall's role in "Gods and Generals" LEE
Fertility lab supply OVA
Force back REPEL
Frederick the Great's realm PRUSSIA
From the beginning AFRESH
Genetic stuff RNA
Genre that evolved from ska REGGAE
Get too personal PRY
Gold brick INGOT
Hobbles LIMPS
Host of some off-campus parties FRAT
Inclined APT
Ingredient that mimics the flavor of an edible fungus TRUFFLEOIL
King and Queen AUTHORS
Lennon's love ONO
Letters in a dossier AKA
Leveling piece SHIM
Low cards TREYS
Meshed together INWOVEN
Mountain ending EER
Mythical goat-men FAUNS
Nickel and dime COINS
Oberhausen's region RUHR
Pantomime ACTOUT
Party choice NOMINEE
Percussion instruments TIMPANI
Period, for one DOT
Place to put things STORAGE
Poet's art METRICS
Prairie home TEEPEE
Prepare a spread for CATER
Rap sheet entry CRIME
React to yeast RISE
Second-most-massive dwarf planet PLUTO
See 5-Down SANTA
Set of devotional prayers ROSARY
Spanish article LAS
Spruce cousins FIRS
Stranger ALIEN
Swears (to) ATTESTS
Swindler CHEAT
Symbols seen in viola music CCLEFS
Tarot card representing union TWOOFCUPS
The Beatles' "And I Love __" HER
Time associated with graceful children TUESDAY
Time piece? ISSUE
Travelocity user's request AISLE
Trumpet protector CASE
Wedding invitation request REPLY
Wind that can be controlled HORN
Word after open, in retail UNTIL
Wordless okay NOD
Work for EARN
Youngster TOT
__ preview SNEAK
__ steamer TRAMP
__-man YES

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