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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Aug 31, 2014

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Aug 31, 2014

"Help me out here, bud" BEAPAL
"I'm buying!" ONME
"Rocky III" actor MRT
"Suits" network USA
"That's rough" PITY
#1 hit song from "Flashdance" MANIAC
1999-2004 Olds ALERO
A dog, or a little hoarse HUSKY
AHL's Iowa Wild, when they were in Houston AEROS
Airer of many RKO films TCM
Arcade pioneer ATARI
Article 1, Section 3 constitutional subject SENATE
At a distance AFAR
Barenboim is its current music director LASCALA
Bass-baritone Simon ESTES
Ben Franklin's belief DEISM
Bone: Pref OSTEO
Bring to mind EVOKE
Bulldoze, in Bath RASE
Cab in a bottle, say RED
California's Santa __ Mountains ANA
Calvary inscription INRI
Canter, for one GAIT
Cirque du __ SOLEIL
Computer acronym ASCII
Conceals HIDES
Dazzles WOWS
Disdain SCORN
Done for KAPUT
Downward movement DECREASE
Dutch cheeses EDAMS
Envelope abbr ATTN
ER command STAT
Fair subject SCIENCE
Farm workers ANTS
Finally ATLAST
Foals' fathers SIRES
Forward, to Fellini AVANTI
Fred Astaire's birthplace OMAHA
G.W. Bush is the only president who earned one MBA
Gardener's choice LOAM
Garr of "Tootsie" TERI
Genetic letters RNA
Get underway START
Grafton's "__ for Outlaw" OIS
Half of sei TRE
Here-there connection NOR
Hindu mystics YOGIS
Holiday veggie YAM
Ill-tempered type CRANK
In layers TIERED
Investment factor RISK
Is of use AVAILS
Jack Jones' record label KAPP
Jai __ ALAI
Lao-tzu followers TAOISTS
Last Supper question ISITI
Laugh-a-minute HOOT
Like an Aberdeen newborn WEE
Luis' "Let's go!" VAMOS
Made fun of JAPED
Makes serious demands on TAXES
Marshal under Napoleon NEY
Mead milieu SAMOA
Meat-filled pastry RISSOLE
Michel's "mine" AMOI
Mil. decoration DSM
Modesto vintner GALLO
Motor extension? OLA
NFL scores TDS
Norse god of war ODIN
Not much ABITOF
Not of the cloth LAIC
NYC traveler's option LGA
Old TV's "knight without armor in a savage land" PALADIN
Ortega's "other" OTRO
Oskar Schindler, to many SAVIOR
Othello's lieutenant CASSIO
Passionate ARDENT
Peso part CENTAVO
Piquant ZESTY
Place for an ace? SLEEVE
Play area THEATER
Pope works ESSAYS
Prepare for a trip PACK
Prepares for use, as software INSTALLS
Prior to, in poems ERE
Pub offerings ALES
Puff up in the breeze BILLOW
Quieted, in a way OILED
Schnauzer of fiction ASTA
Sea dog SALT
Set-__: arguments TOS
Shift neighbor ENTERKEY
Single ONE
Siouan language OSAGE
Sitting on ATOP
Skosh TAD
Slip by ELAPSE
Smack, maybe KISS
Snake venom, e.g TOXIN
Some coins TOKENS
South American monkey TITI
Southwest competitor UNITED
St. comprised of two peninsulas MICH
Staff notation REST
Stan Lee superheroes XMEN
Star athlete in Archie Comics MOOSE
Star of TV's "The Fugitive" JANSSEN
Stock holder? BARN
Stuffed SATED
Supped ATE
Support bar RAIL
The arctic photographer had to consider __ EXPOSURETIMES
The dating service photographer was happy when __ EVERYTHINGCLICKED
The dessert photographer took a set of __ JELLOSHOTS
The fashion photographer worried about __ MODELBEHAVIOR
The IndyCar photographer used __ ZOOMLENSES
The last Mrs. Chaplin OONA
The old-time photographer preferred the __ NEGATIVEASPECT
The stressed-out photographer __ FINALLYSNAPPED
Thingamajig DOODAD
Toronto team, familiarly JAYS
Twain of country SHANIA
U.K. record label EMI
Unassertive type DOORMAT
Underworld god OSIRIS
Verdi's "__ tu" ERI
Vermont ski resort OKEMO
Victorian __ ERA
Vintner's prefix OEN
Vision: Pref OPTO
Webzine EMAG
When tripled, and so on YADDA
White-robe providers SPAS
Word with pool or table TIDE
__ Bator ULAN
__ Linda, Calif LOMA
__ tai MAI

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