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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Aug 30, 2014

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Aug 30, 2014

"Superman" (1978) co-producer Salkind ILYA
"You Must Love Me" musical EVITA
Active SPRY
Attention getters PSSTS
Band with the 1986 #1 hit "Venus" BANANARAMA
Blame RAP
Bobby pin target TRESS
Brand introduced by Corning in 1915 PYREX
British miler Steve OVETT
Caravel feature MAST
Certain prep schooler DAYBOARDER
Chiwere speakers OTOES
Comforting comment ICARE
Crams, with "up" BONES
DNA compound THYMINE
Exercises in futility WILDGOOSECHASES
Fast-moving game SPEEDCHESS
Former Acura model INTEGRA
Give an essentials-only account SPARETHEDETAILS
Goal in an 18-Across SEAT
Gotten up ARISEN
Group project feedback PEERASSESSMENTS
Guacamole maker's discard AVOCADOPIT
Half-day exam given four times a yr LSAT
Hardly big shots? BBS
Help in a stock exchange? BROKERSTIP
Historic Greenwich Village club THEBITTEREND
Historic Padua neighbor ESTE
Ivanhoe, e.g SAXON
Jack letters MIC
Jeanne __ DARC
Joggers of a sort LISTS
Klee contemporary ARP
Lacking SANS
Lao-__ TSE
Lets out, say ALTERS
Like a rake TINED
Local __ TALENT
Marquee time NITE
Means of emphasis CAPS
Mil. trial NTEST
Mortgagee's calculation INTERESTPAYMENT
Multitude HORDE
Net funds ECASH
Old 442 rivals GTOS
Old West transport, in dialect HOSS
One at the end of the line WIDERECEIVER
Passbook amts DEPS
Place atop SETON
Pulitzer journalist Seymour HERSH
Sessions involving steps AAMEETINGS
Singer's asset EAR
Struggle for a 23-Across SENATERACE
Take the wrong way? SWIPE
They occur before finals SEMIS
Time for les vacances ETE
Top dog ALPHA
Up-to-the-minute LATE
Volume One words, perhaps ATO
W. Coast force LAPD
Waste no time HIE
Welcome words HIS
Wonderlands EDENS
WWII cost-stabilizing agcy OPA
__ gland: organ that secretes melatonin PINEAL
__ Valley: San Francisco area NOE

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