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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Aug 27, 2014

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Aug 27, 2014

"Cheers" waitress Tortelli CARLA
"Eva Luna" author Allende ISABEL
"Poppycock!" BOSH
"South Park" co-creator Parker TREY
"That's correct" UHHUH
*"Politically Incorrect" host BILLMAHER
*Fine porcelain BONECHINA
*Hearty repast SQUAREMEAL
*Sensitivity to cashews, say NUTALLERGY
All tied up EVEN
Amos at the piano TORI
Ancient drink making a comeback MEAD
And others, in citations: Abbr ETAL
Anti-leather gp PETA
Berry sold in health food shops ACAI
Bert's roommate ERNIE
Bygone U.S. station name ESSO
Chef's hat TOQUE
Chichén Itzá builder MAYA
Chowder morsel CLAM
Clark Kent, at birth KALEL
Comedy Central send-up ROAST
Commuter's option RAIL
Couple in the news ITEM
Cry out for LACK
Detect, in a way SMELL
Early Genesis brother ABEL
East Asian capital SEOUL
Fake in the rink DEKE
Gettysburg Campaign VIP LEE
Giraffe's trademark NECK
Goes for COSTS
Gyro meat LAMB
Horses' tresses MANES
In __: actually ESSE
Inhibit BLOCK
It can't help being negative ELECTRON
Italian hot spot ETNA
Java Freeze brand ICEE
Legislation pertaining to dogs LEASHLAW
Lies next to ABUTS
London's __ Park HYDE
Lures (in) SUCKS
Maker of Lifewater beverages SOBE
McFlurry option OREO
Old Chevy NOVA
Oldest of the Stooges SHEMP
Parade group BAND
Paris pop PERE
Plays first, in some card games LEADS
Portable Asian dwellings YURTS
Portable bed COT
Quill, perhaps PEN
Radii neighbors ULNAE
Rhett's last word DAMN
Rich topsoil LOAM
Rounded hill KNOLL
Scoreless Words With Friends turns SWAPS
Son of Sarah ISAAC
Sounds echoing through the castle CLANGS
Sporty car roofs, and, literally, what the first words of the answers to starred clues can have TTOPS
Stooges count THREE
Stuff to stick with? GLUE
Subsides EBBS
Surpass OUTDO
Sweetie SUGAR
Test type you can't really guess on ESSAY
Use profanity CUSS
Where it'll all come out? INTHEWASH
Without even a scratch UNHURT
__ good example SETA

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