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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Aug 24, 2014



L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Aug 24, 2014

"As I see it," in texts IMO
"How relaxing!" AAH
"In your dreams" NOPE
"Maybe even less" IFTHAT
"Mr. Blue Sky" band, briefly ELO
14-legged crustaceans ISOPODS
2001 honor for J.K. Rowling OBE
2010 title role for Denzel ELI
2014 U.S. Senior Open winner Montgomerie COLIN
Acct. earnings INT
Advanced degs PHDS
Airport transport TRAM
Analytical write-up CASESTUDY
Appetizer in una taberna TAPA
Artisan group GUILD
Ball game delayers STORMS
Baptism, e.g RITE
Barely burn SEAR
Bear overhead URSA
Bees battling over nectar? HONEYCOMBAT
Big party for jalopy owners? BEATERBASH
Biker's trail? RIDINGHABITAT
Bores for ore MINES
Bring up REAR
Brought to Broadway STAGED
Call for NEED
Cantina cooker OLLA
Catamaran mover SAIL
Catching position CROUCH
China problem CHIP
China setting FAREAST
Classic pops NEHIS
Clergyman who works wonders? MIRACLECURATE
Clipped, in a way SHORN
Clothing fold CUFF
Coll. drilling group ROTC
Colorado county or its seat PUEBLO
Comic strip frame PANEL
Competition with slashing PRICEWAR
Condescending sort SNOB
Connect with TIETO
Corn or cotton CROP
Corporate division SALES
Delighted GLAD
Demolition aid TNT
Didn't fill yet, as calendar slots HASOPEN
Diva highlights SOLI
Drips on the driveway OILSPOTS
Driving need? TEE
Elementary bit ATOM
Emergency supplies delivery method AIRDROP
Enjoyed some courses DINED
Equipment GEAR
Evil sitcom organization KAOS
Extra vacation clothes? SPAREATTIRE
Fab Four name LENNON
Fairy tale food PORRIDGE
Fakes being ACTS
Fanny pack spot HIP
Flier's printout ETICKET
Form of oxygen OZONE
Formal affair wear TAILS
Friendly court contest ONESET
Frog's kiddie-lit friend TOAD
Future litigator's study PRELAW
Game division PERIOD
Gave stars to kippers? RATEDHERRING
Genetic messenger RNA
Geometry figure AREA
Happened next ENSUED
Hoisting devices WINCHES
Identical SAME
Intention AIM
Intimate modern message SEXT
Iris locale UVEA
It's usually not a hit SIDEB
Leaves high and dry STRANDS
Like many King novels EERIE
Like some bears' market predictions DIRE
Makeshift shelters HUTS
Mars, to the Greeks ARES
Matthews of "Hardball" CHRIS
Media mogul with a Presidential Medal of Freedom OPRAH
Mid-Atlantic st DEL
Mil. no-show AWOL
Mortar trough HOD
Mother of the Valkyries ERDA
Mouth formations DELTAS
Move like ivy CREEP
Much of Libya SAHARA
New Balance competitor AVIA
Not leave things to chance PLAN
Off the mark AMISS
One may be padded BRA
One of four singing brothers EDAMES
Periscope part LENS
Photoshop developer ADOBE
Poet who feuded with Pope Boniface VIII DANTE
Pops in the fridge SODAS
Portfolio element, for short IRA
Portfolio units SHARES
Punto and Bravo FIATS
Puts on the right track ORIENTS
Reactions to mice, maybe EEKS
Reckless RASH
Relay stick BATON
Reserved __ SEAT
Ristorante suffix INI
Rival of Brom in an 1820 novel ICHABOD
RMN was his VP DDE
Sanction ALLOW
Sets a price of ASKS
Sharp turn ZAG
Shrill cry YELP
Sight from the Sicilian village of Taormina ETNA
Signed off on OKAYED
Simply not done TABOO
Singer Mann AIMEE
Solidify CAKE
Spew out EGEST
Strong flavor TANG
Suffix with stamp EDE
Sunflower relative ASTER
Swindler at a New York zoo? BRONXCHEATER
They may be rough EDGES
They may be writable CDS
Three-part figs SSNS
Toledo's lake ERIE
Traveling AWAY
Trying experiences ORDEALS
TV talk pioneer PAAR
Upheaval THROES
Vast, in verse ENORM
Virtuoso ACE
Volga Region daily? TATARPAPER
Voting coalition BLOC
Wildly excited FRENETIC
Wiped out DEAD
Wood shop tools LATHES
Word of support YEA
__ premium ATA

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