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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Aug 22, 2014

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answer - Aug 22, 2014

"Kidding!" NOT
"Pleeeeease?" AWCMON
"Silent Spring" subj DDT
"Star Wars" surname KENOBI
"That makes sense to me now" ISEE
"Wicked!" SWEET
"__ So Fine": Chiffons hit HES
"__-A-Lympics": '70s Hanna/Barbera spoof LAFF
Altar line IDO
Anguish WOE
Author Dostoyevsky FYODOR
Black INKY
Café customer EATER
Category ILK
Claylike BOLAR
Clue for 17-, 27-, 45- and 58-Across MERCURY
Cohort of Larry and Curly MOE
Conks out DIES
Disadvantage CON
Distorting SKEWING
Don Quixote's aunt TIA
Downed water, say DRANK
Draft order PINT
Elizabeth Darcy __ Bennet NEE
Estimate words ORSO
ET carrier, supposedly UFO
Except SAVE
Feature of some stickers AROMA
Feudal land FIEF
Filming unit TAKE
Foot, in anatomy PES
From, in Dutch names VAN
Graybacks REBS
Great Barrier Reef setting CORALSEA
Green-egg layer EMU
Hadn't settled yet OWED
Harpsichordist Kipnis IGOR
Have difficulty dealing (with) WRESTLE
Having bite TANGY
Impeded SLOWED
Investigator in the USS Cole attack NCIS
It's pressed in a corner ESCAPEKEY
Italian wine region ASTI
Joint high-tech project WIKI
Length of a boring class, so it seems EON
Not quite right OFF
One-named "Lonely" singer AKON
Paul McCartney title SIR
PC key ALT
Ph.D. students, perhaps TAS
Place for a price TAG
Prefix meaning "half" DEMI
Rizzuto's Brooklyn counterpart REESE
Roth __ IRA
See 15-Down PENH
Short streets? RDS
Showy flier PEACOCK
Sierra __ LEONE
Sister of Luke LEIA
Some entryways ANTEROOMS
Some Tripoli natives LEBANESE
Sound of disapproval TSK
Sponge, e.g ANIMAL
Suffix with ethyl ENE
Supportin' FER
Tickle AMUSE
Tom, Dick and Harry, e.g TRIO
Toy power sources AAS
Turkic flatbread NAN
Turn down REDUCE
Watch readout abbr LCD
Whatever ANY
Whiting cousin COD
With 1-Down, Mekong River capital PHNOM

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