June 5 2017 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

'Let's get out of __!''HERE
'Long time, __''NOSEE
'No talking!''SHH
'What's __ for me?''INIT
'__ jungle out there!''ITSA
Appear to beSEEM
Arrange into stacksSORT
Auctioned offSOLD
Be worthy ofEARN
Beloved onesDEARS
Black-and-white cookieOREO
Bring under controlTAME
Camper's shelterTENT
Cape __, MACOD
Changes the color ofDYES
Chicago airportOHARE
Clock dialFACE
Curved parts of feetARCHES
Day-__ (fluorescent paint)GLO
Debate where voters ask questionsTOWNMEETING
Decide to take partOPTIN
Disney of DisneylandWALT
Eject, as a geyserSPEW
Fishing poleROD
Fraction of a minSEC
French friendsAMIS
Happen nextENSUE
High-calorie cakeTORTE
Impolite lookLEER
Lawn materialGRASS
Letters before teesESSES
Like a lotADORE
Make simplerEASE
Makes changes toALTERS
Mayor, council members, etcLOCALGOVERNMENT
Municipal building complexCIVICCENTER
Operatic soloARIA
Overly dilutedWATERY
Parcel (out)METE
Plants pulled from gardensWEEDS
Poems of praiseODES
Point of __ (opinion)VIEW
Prefix meaning ''against''ANTI
Protection from harmSAFETY
Puts frosting onICES
Quilt piecePATCH
Rabbit relativeHARE
Rants and __RAVES
Removed from a blackboardERASED
Repeated rumorsGOSSIPED
Report-card marksGRADES
Roadside stopoverMOTEL
Rock that's minedORE
Rock-band sound boostersAMPS
Ruby or diamondGEM
Sailor's ''Hello!''AHOY
Speed contestRACE
Spiny houseplantsALOES
Surgeons' facilities: AbbrORS
Take a breakREST
Take placeOCCUR
Things of valueASSETS
Train stops: AbbrSTNS
TV sports channelESPN
Used a loomWOVE
War's oppositePEACE
Went by bus or cabRODE
Wildly excitedAGOG
Wind-direction indicatorVANE
Without assistanceALONE