June 29 2017 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"... __ lovely as ... ": KilmerAPOEM
"Almost finished!"ONETOGO
"Arabian Nights" characterALADDIN
"Be Prepared" orgBSA
"Better Call Saul" networkAMC
"CHiPs" actorESTRADA
"Don't forget our date"BETHERE
"Not That Kind of Girl" memoirist DunhamLENA
1988 Schwarzenegger cop filmREDHEAT
Administer an oath toSWEARIN
Agenda openerITEMONE
Angry Orchard productCIDER
Anti-discrimination orgEEOC
Author FerberEDNA
Beat the bushesSEARCH
Bony part of the roof of the mouthPALATE
Breakfast cookwareOMELETPAN
Breeze throughACE
Chef's phraseALA
City near VenicePADUA
Clears a stoppage fromUNCLOGS
Completes a streetTARS
Contacts optionLENSES
Destructive stormTORNADO
Earth along the ElbeERDE
Entertainer nicknamed "The Schnoz"DURANTE
European volcanoETNA
Exploring Griffith Park, sayINLA
FedEx alternativeDHL
French courseSALADE
Gotten with considerable effortEARNED
Gritty ... and a description of this puzzle, which is also a hint to completing eight answersHARDEDGED
Hammer at an angleTOENAIL
Hockey immortalORR
Hockey puck materialRUBBER
Identity-concealing garb, perhapsHOODIE
Indian breadNAN
Lowly workersPEONS
Lyric tributeODE
Monterrey MrsSRA
Musical style of Anoushka Shankar's 2015 album "Home"RAGA
Not e'en onceNEER
Note sitePAD
Official rebukeCENSURE
Original Dungeons & Dragons coTSR
Outlying area, brieflyBURB
Party heartyCAROUSE
Pheasant kinPEAFOWL
Pledge, e.gCLEANER
Punishing workLABOR
Put an end toABOLISH
Real estate, gold, silver, etcASSETS
Score silenceREST
Security issues?IDCARDS
Seis doubledDOCE
Shakespeare's fairy queenMAB
Sheriff's badgeTINSTAR
Spot for wheels?CARAD
Sun shadeTAN
Sushi bar drinkSAKE
Terrestrial newtEFT
Tilted type: AbbrITAL
Traditional accountsLORE
Whitman of TV's "Parenthood"MAE
Yellow ribbon holder of songOAKTREE
__-Locka, FloridaOPA