June 22 2016 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"... that golden key / That __ the palace of eternity": MiltonOPES
"For real?"YOUDO
"How's it goin'?"HIYA
"Veep" networkHBO
"Yes, cap'n!"AYESIR
Alias in a landmark caseROE
All-hrs. cash sourceATM
Ancient source of prophecyORACLE
Atlantic and Pacific, in Monopoly: AbbrAVES
Auctioned wheelsREPO
Autobahn autoOPEL
Award for excellence in the fieldGOLDGLOVE
Barbecue sideSLAW
Bend at a barrePLIE
Biological building blockDNA
Bit of ocean chop ... or, literally, what each part of 3-, 8-, 10-, 34- and 38-Down can haveWHITECAP
Brahms' Opus 18, for oneSEXTET
British peersEARLS
Brownstone entrancesSTOOPS
Catching some z'sASLEEP
Chef's chamberOVEN
Commercials on the tube, in adspeakSPOTTV
Crocs, e.gSHOES
Design detail, for shortSPEC
Endor villagerEWOK
Equine-like fishSEAHORSE
Eye part with rods and conesRETINA
Fisher-Price productTOY
Folk storyMYTH
Followers of AttilaHUNS
Fritos snackCORNCHIP
Frozen drinksSLUSHIES
Geometry rulesAXIOMS
Get dolled (up)TOG
Grammar topicTENSE
Hebrew : Ben :: Arabic : __IBN
Henry VIII's sixth wife CatherinePARR
Holiday song enderSYNE
Home builder's purchaseWALLBOARD
In need of levelingUNEVEN
Incite to go after, with "on"SIC
It may be coiled in the grassHOSE
Kentucky border riverOHIO
Kidney-shaped nutCASHEW
Land of Arthurian legendAVALON
Level, e.gTOOL
Like some coffee tablesOVAL
Messenger bagsSATCHELS
Nail polishENAMEL
Nobelist RootELIHU
Not ready for harvestingUNRIPE
NYC airportLGA
Ore. skiing destinationMTHOOD
Palette shadeHUE
Physics building blockATOM
Prefix with magneticELECTRO
Public health orgCDC
Publisher AdolphOCHS
Salt Lake City teamUTES
Samurai without a masterRONIN
Skater MidoriITO
Speaks harshlySNAPS
Subscriber's orderRENEWAL
To a smaller degreeLESSSO
Too far off the trailLOST
Tough questionsPOSERS
Track tipsterTOUT
Unlikely replies from sycophantsNOS
Up to itABLE
Wailuku's islandMAUI