June 19 2017 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"Cool" hipsterCAT
"Easy __ it!"DOES
"He loves me" piecePETAL
44-Across VIPKING
Acknowledged a military superiorSALUTED
Acorn sourcesOAKS
African antelopeGNU
Alpine climber's needICEAX
Auditory passageEARCANAL
Avian symbol of pridePEACOCK
Be againstOPPOSE
Boy dollKEN
Casual topTEE
CIA forerunnerOSS
Civil War orgCSA
Class-ending pair?ESSES
Classic British sports carsMGS
Deep cutsGASHES
Despicable person, to a food critic?ROTTENEGG
Did over, as a movie sceneRESHOT
Doze offDROWSE
Female neigh sayerMARE
Fencing swordEPEE
Give (out) sparinglyDOLE
Greek vowelsETAS
High school dancePROM
Hitching post?ALTAR
Important person, to a food critic?BIGCHEESE
Impressive banquet displaysSPREADS
James Bond's schoolETON
Kick outEXPEL
L.A. Galaxy's orgMLS
Land parcelACRE
Lazy person, to a food critic?COUCHPOTATO
Like skunks and zebrasSTRIPED
Make using yarnKNIT
Math averageMEAN
Member of the crow familyMAGPIE
Must payOWE
Once around, in a raceLAP
Out-of-this-world beings, in briefETS
Outer edgeRIM
President married to MamieIKE
Prevent, as a robberyTHWART
Prompt on stageCUE
Reader of tea leavesSEER
Rep on the streetCRED
Revered MotherTERESA
Rub off the pageERASE
Santa Fe and Tucson, in the auto worldSUVS
Secretly tie the knotELOPE
See 27-DownBOOKS
Shrewd person, to a food critic?SHARPCOOKIE
Singer YokoONO
Tetley productTEA
Traveler to workCOMMUTER
Uncategorized stuff: AbbrMISC
Vaudeville showREVUE
Water-testing digitTOE
Weapon in ClueROPE
Weeding toolHOE
When repeated, "Great speech!"HEAR
Where DNA tests are performedBIOLAB
White sale goodsLINENS
Wise birdOWL
Witch trial townSALEM
With 6-Across, records that might be "cooked"THE
With the fat trimmed offLEAN