July 27 2016 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"... just as I am"LIKEME
"Ah, Wilderness!" playwrightONEILL
"Always," in a military sloganSEMPER
"Care to take a stab at the answer?"ANYGUESS
"It Happened One Night" directorCAPRA
"O.G. Original Gangster" rapperICET
"Peer Gynt Suite" composerGRIEG
"Philadelphia" director JonathanDEMME
"The Simpsons" beer serverMOE
"Whatever your heart desires!"NAMEIT
"Win one for the __": ReaganGIPPER
1980s surgeon generalKOOP
Agcy. with collectorsIRS
Becomes aware ofDETECTS
Bit of river turbulenceEDDY
Bromance or romcomGENRE
Brunch, e.gMEAL
Bunyan toolAXE
Butterfingers' commentOOPSYDAISY
Chimney cleaner's targetCREOSOTE
Chinese beverage literally meaning "black dragon"OOLONGTEA
Circuit componentsDIODES
Collected knowledgeLORE
Comet-filled region of spaceOORTCLOUD
Education orgsPTAS
Equestrian strapREIN
Expressions of delightOOHSANDAAHS
Fast-arriving letterEMAIL
Fiji has threeDOTS
Green start?ECO
Hard upNEEDY
Have more birthdaysAGE
Headed for overtimeTIED
Imogene's comedy partnerSID
Interfere (with)MESS
Investor's concernLOSS
Juillet's seasonETE
Leaping parasiteFLEA
Like a parfaitLAYERED
Little bitIOTA
Mic wieldersMCS
Needed Advil, sayACHED
Numerous centuriesEON
Old Belgian currencyFRANC
PD ranksSGTS
Pearl Harbor siteOAHU
Planning session fodderIDEAS
Plays it like Cary GrantOOZESCHARM
Polynesian nationSAMOA
Red Guard leaderMAO
Regards with anticipationLOOKSTO
See 22-DownAMIN
Soda purchasesCOKES
Staff memASST
Starting pointONSET
Stuttgart cubesEIS
Suffix with factOID
Take tenREST
The Washington Monument's 897STEPS
Tourist gift on 61-AcrossLEI
Trompe __LOEIL
Ukrainian portODESSA
Verne protagonistFOGG
Very dangerousTOXIC
Waze or UberAPP
Weighty volumeTOME
What a red "H" often indicatesHOT
With 19-Across, Oscar-winning Forest Whitaker roleIDI
Zoo opening in London?ZED
__ Van WinkleRIP