July 16 2017 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"Bewitched" characterENDORA
"Bus Stop" playwrightINGE
"Land ho!" prompterISLE
"Need assistance?"HOWCANI
"The Fog of War" director MorrisERROL
"The NFL Today" analystESIASON
1986 #1 hit for StarshipSARA
Achilles' heelFATAL
Add pizazz to an ad, saySEXITUP
Artist's talentEYE
Bad person to share appetizers with?DOUBLE
Base runners?AWOLS
Behold, to BrutusECCE
Berkeley school, familiarlyCAL
Biform beastCENTAUR
Big mouthMAW
Big partyFETE
Breakdown of social normsANOMIE
Brews for socialsTEAS
Bridges, in VenicePONTI
Caribbean islanderARUBAN
Casually arrive, in slangBOPIN
Champagne choiceBRUT
Changing of the locksNEWDO
Cheering deafeninglyAROAR
Chihuahua neighborTEXAS
Christianity's __ CreedNICENE
City on Lake MichiganGARY
Come togetherGEL
Common soccer scoreONEONE
Company that merged with KonicaMINOLTA
Contractor's detailsSPECS
Deli delicacyLOX
English novelist CharlesREADE
Fertile Crescent waterwayTIGRIS
First Turkish president __ AtatürkKEMAL
Five-time Kentucky Derby winning jockeyARCARO
Fries, usuallySIDE
Fundamental rulesCANONS
Get back (to)RESPOND
GI morale boosterUSO
Girl in Byron's "Don Juan"LEILA
Grinch creatorSEUSS
Gross fractionDOZEN
Gush on stageEMOTE
Had the nerveDARED
Hollowed outCORED
Hook wigglersWORMS
Idiomatic bitsDRABS
Imminently dangerous situationTICKING
Impulse-conducting cellNEURON
Japanese noodle dishRAMEN
Jason's shipbuilderARGUS
Just beatEDGE
Kampala is its capitalUGANDA
Kate of "Th1rteen R3asons Why"WALSH
Kind of radial tireSTEELBELTED
Knowledge of spiritual mattersGNOSIS
Leave no room inFILL
Lightning particlesIONS
Like 45 recordsMONO
Like many a postcard scenePICTURE
Make busts, saySCULPT
Manual readerUSER
Mayo is in itANO
Mixed martial artist RouseyRONDA
Move up and downBOB
Mr. Spock forteMIND
Muscle-to-bone connectorsTENDONS
Musical KeysALICIA
Name that might pop up during a breakfast conversationEGGO
Nerve junctionSYNAPSE
North Pole featureTUNDRA
Not just any oldTHE
Old yellersCRIERS
One of Chekhov's "Three Sisters"IRINA
One of dozens, for millionsFACEBOOK
Ones handing out cigars, stereotypicallyNEWDADS
Out of whackAMISS
Peak in ThessalyOSSA
Personalized music mediaMIXCDS
Pisa party?ITALIAN
Poker phraseISEEYOU
Poppycock, with "a"BUNCHOF
Product of ocean evaporationSEASALT
Pueblo peopleZUNI
Rain storage tankCISTERN
Record, in a wayTAPE
Rouge ou blancVIN
Shoestring hassleKNOT
Short-lived Mormon stateDESERET
Snow __WHITE
Something to say to a dentistAAH
Spanish royaltyREYES
Spot in a newspaperPRINTAD
Spray sourcesAEROSOLCANS
Stock maker's flavor enhancerSOUPBONE
Surface for stretchingYOGAMAT
Tandoori breadNAAN
Taoist forceYIN
Timed perfectlyONCUE
Tiny messengerRNA
Transfers, as a T-shirt designIRONSON
Trendy coffee orderSOYLATTE
Trig ratioSINE
Twists in a barLIMES
Unsettling lookSTARE
Up against itINASPOT
Virtual human companionNEOPET
Water collectorsSUMPS
Way to hit?TRAIL
West Coast NFLerNINER
Wife of AeneasLAVINIA
Wise onesSAGES
Wrapped upENDED
Wrote, as musicNOTATED
__ cheese sandwich, popular Augusta National menu item sold for $1.50PIMENTO