December 9 2016 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"Amen to that!"ILLSAY
2014 Olympics citySOCHI
A tie may be partly under oneVEST
Average Joes, e.gMALES
Beats Electronics co-founderDRE
Bhopal localeINDIA
Bill's future, maybeLAW
Blues singer in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 1987BBKING
Borneo swingerORANG
Bounty titleHMS
Campus org. revived in 2006SDS
Casino areaPIT
Caustic potash, e.gALKALI
Charged particleION
Checks outVETS
Chuckle onlineLOL
Clinton's instrumentTENORSAX
Coin receiversSLOTS
Company with a Taco ClubORTEGA
Composer __ Maria von WeberCARL
Confused soundsHUHS
Contests whose competitors stand in placeBEES
Course for some U.S. arrivalsESL
Dutch vodka brandKETELFIVE
End of an Ernie Banks catchphrase about doubleheadersLETSPLAYSIX
Extraction targetORE
Finicky sortPRISS
First name in impressionismCLAUDE
Fishing needsLURES
Former Texas Rangers manager WashingtonRON
Fought, in a wayDUELED
Grafton's "__ for Alibi"AIS
Grass componentsBLADES
Gutter sitesEAVES
Hide in a crowdBLEND
Hostile placeLIONSDEN
In dire straitsNEEDY
Inuit homeIGLOO
Jessica Rabbit featureGAM
Late __FEE
Marks with two intersecting linesXES
Mascot once awarded a Doctor of Bovinity degreeELSIE
More than skinnyGAUNT
NCAA hockey semifinal groupFROZENEIGHT
Outside: PrefECT
Parliament of IsraelKNESSET
Photoshop makerADOBE
Piano partLEG
Pine __CONE
Plain awfulHORRID
Pound soundARF
Powerful Detroit groupTHEBIGSEVEN
Powerful pairACES
Round ordersALES
Rumble in the Jungle settingZAIRE
Santa __CLARA
Sensitive subject for someAGE
Shark featureFIN
Sitter's chargeTOT
State bordering six others and the Canadian mainlandIDAHO
Swallow one's prideEATDIRT
Toyota modelCOROLLA
Traditional golf pants, and a hint to why certain puzzle answers are wrongPLUSFOURS
Trojan who survived the sack of TroyAENEAS
Troy storyILIAD
Way behind buildingsALLEY
Woolly mamaEWE
Word before repeatRINSE