December 24 2016 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"Doing that right now!"ONIT
"That's __ haven't heard"ONEI
1852 literary villainLEGREE
1976 Sports Illustrated Sportswoman of the Year awardeeEVERT
1992 Mamet playOLEANNA
1993 "Ethan Frome" starLIAMNEESON
Ben, to JerrySON
Board game spots with nine sqs. between themRRS
Bond choiceMARTINI
Call to a lineNEXT
Cartoon award eponymNAST
Charlie McCarthy featureMONOCLE
Chicago-based professional orgAMA
Conniving, with "in"LEAGUE
Cork holderIRELAND
Durango demonstrativeESTA
E major scale noteGSHARP
Enterprise enterpriseRENTING
Extreme pairENDS
Fed. assistance programSSI
Font choiceARIAL
Great extentLARGENESS
Hawthorne cover imageREDA
Higher than you might have hopedSTEEP
Hip-hop group at Live Aid's 1985 Philadelphia concertRUNDMC
Holt's detective partner in '80s TVSTEELE
Iceberg topperSALADOIL
It can get you inBADGE
It's commonly read by waitersTABLOID
John Paul's successorELENA
Minneapolis suburbEDINA
Modern, in a wayHIGHTECH
Mouthed off atSASSED
Moviefone ownerAOL
NFL statsYDS
Noted 2013 resigneeBENEDICTXVI
One facing charges?TORERO
One of Donald's pairDEE
Opera originally titled "Violetta"LATRAVIATA
Paquete de __: cerveza purchaseSEIS
Periodo de tiempoANO
Phone accessory banned at Disney parksSELFIESTICK
Place to meetHALFWAY
Pollutant banned by Cong. in 1979PCB
Popular store opening?WAL
Rayed flowersDAISIES
Renée Fleming et alDIVAS
Revealing garbMINI
Shares, with "out"METES
Sights from la merILES
Significant supplyARSENAL
Singer LovatoDEMI
Sinusitis-treating MDENT
Small distanceSTEP
Sounded like a flute duet?CLINKED
Subjects of family disputesESTATES
They're usually keptGIGOLOS
Tried to make it homeSLIDIN
Truce emblem sourceOLIVETREE
Turn preceder, in Texas Hold 'emFLOP
Two-part British academic examALEVEL
Typographical symbolDAGGER
Warp, e.gMAR
Where there may be no roomINN
Where to hear a lot of talkAMRADIO
__ cameraHIDDEN