April 5 2017 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"From my perspective ... "IFORONE
"Hamlet" courtierOSRIC
"Into Thin Air" peakEVEREST
"Jeopardy!" creator GriffinMERV
"Monday Night Countdown" airerESPN
"Tell __ story"MEA
"The Martian" genreSCIFI
"__ who?"SEZ
*Beneficial substance in berriesANTIOXIDANT
*London subway system, with "the"UNDERGROUND
*Process of electron gain or lossIONIZATION
Absorb the lossEATIT
Accessory for Mr. PeanutMONOCLE
Advil targetACHE
Ambien, vis-Г -vis sleepINDUCER
Amount to pay in CalaisPRIX
Asian rice porridgeCONGEE
At the center ofAMID
Big bunchSLEW
Bit of chess actionMOVE
Bryn Mawr undergradsWOMEN
Bus. card infoTEL
Campsite sheltersLEANTOS
Capital of BarbadosBRIDGETOWN
Cereal with lemony lemon and orangey orange flavorsTRIX
Chickens (out)WIMPS
Compete in a sackRACE
Con man's targetSAP
Cruciverbalist Reagle of "Wordplay"MERL
Danish shoe companyECCO
Diabetic's concernBLOODSUGAR
Does business withSELLSTO
Each answer to a starred clue begins and ends with identical onesTHREESOMES
Flip overUPEND
Former Education secretary DuncanARNE
Geeky sortNERD
Golf game spoilerRAIN
Golfer MichelleWIE
Green Gables girlANNE
Gull relativeTERN
Have a bawlSOB
High behind a front, e.gAIRMASS
Highly recommendsTOUTS
Holy smokeINCENSE
Hotel room amenityMINIBAR
Insulate, as a jacketLINE
Judge's settingBAIL
Katy who voiced Smurfette in "The Smurfs"PERRY
Killer whaleORCA
Kirk __, first movie SupermanALYN
Lacking the skillUNABLE
Last Super Bowl won by the GiantsXLVI
Lay eyes onESPY
Lets upEASES
Like kindling when litAFIRE
MapQuest output: AbbrRTE
Most severeACUTEST
Nikkei index currencyYEN
Not as muchLESSSO
Oldest Brady boyGREG
Post-op therapyREHAB
Sailor's "Halt!"AVAST
Snapchat uploadPHOTO
Start of a preschool songABCD
Takes off the shelfUSES
Watches late TV until a teen comes home, sayWAITSUP
Webpage indexSITEMAP
Workplaces for LPNsERS