April 25 2017 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"Brokeback Mountain" directorANGLEE
"Buzz off!"SCRAM
"Don't make __!"AMESS
"Hello" Grammy winnerADELE
"Pitching" or "sand" golf clubWEDGE
"What else?"AND
'80s-'90s legal dramaLALAW
*Increases homeowner levies, sayRAISESTAXES
*Marinara sauce ingredientROMATOMATO
*Meaty barbecued pork dishRIBTIPS
*Restaurant chain named for a Rolling Stones hitRUBYTUESDAY
2015 FedExCup champ JordanSPIETH
Adorkable oneGEEK
Alfa Romeo sports carsGTS
Blood componentPLASMA
Borden spokescowELSIE
Bowler's challengeSPLIT
Campfire leftoversASHES
Candidate's goalSEAT
Chant for D.C.'s baseball clubLETSGONATS
Coffee or teaBREW
Corrects a pencil mistakeERASES
Court ordersWRITS
Creative sparkIDEA
Cropped upAROSE
Deli loafRYE
Dessert with a crustPIE
Diamond-shaped patternARGYLE
Dutch financial powerhouseING
Escape detection byELUDE
Fictional governessEYRE
French hatBERET
Go alongSAYYES
Go astrayERR
Hors d'oeuvres spreadPATE
Japanese 17-syllable poemHAIKU
Lacking mannersRUDE
Make publicAIR
Mining supplyTNT
Nash who rhymed "grackle" with "debacle"OGDEN
Notable periodERA
Ocean crossersSHIPS
Org. with Warriors and WizardsNBA
Oysters are found in oneBED
Part of an actSCENE
Pig's padSTY
Pirate's milieuSEA
Popular rideshare appUBER
Pretentiously cultured, and a phonetic hint to the answers to starred cluesARTY
Prying typeYENTA
Puccini premiere of 1900TOSCA
Ready to goSET
Rocker, e.gCHAIR
San Joaquin Valley problemSMOG
San __: Riviera resortREMO
Sault __ MarieSTE
Silvery food fishSMELT
Siouan speakersOSAGES
Smooths in shop classSANDS
Soft "Hey!"PSST
Spring Festival : China :: __ : VietnamTET
Surrey town known for saltsEPSOM
Take into custodyARREST
Tartan wrapKILT
Tavern drinksALES
Tell tall talesLIE
The Spartans of the NCAAMSU
Trial runTEST
Very fancyLUXE
Williams in the Country Music Hall of FameHANK
Window shadeTINT
You, in ParisTOI
__ buttonPANIC