April 13 2016 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"101" class, brieflyINTRO
"Dancing With the Stars" co-host AndrewsERIN
"Holy cow!"MAN
"Pretty good!"NOTBAD
"This is awesome!"ILOVEIT
"Woe __": 1996 grammar bookISI
1968 to now, in pro tennisOPENERA
Air Force heroesACES
Author BlytonENID
Bass, e.gFISH
Be in sessionSIT
Channel with numerous sister channelsESPN
City near TahoeRENO
Clearasil shelfmateOXY
Cleared (out)EMPTIED
Column on a decision maker's listCONS
Commando ployRAID
Contradict in courtREBUT
Core groupCADRE
Court order?ALLRISE
Diamonds, slangilyICE
Drummer's joke punctuationRIMSHOT
Exchange needRECEIPT
Fastidious sortNEATNIK
Fit together, as some Russian dollsNEST
Founded: AbbrESTD
Frequent, as a dinerEATAT
Gem weightCARAT
Golfer's bookingTEETIME
Govt. stipendSSI
Greek gatherings?FRATPARTIES
Hard-to-hit pitchCURVE
Hardy title teenagerTESS
Health clubSPA
Impressionist who was frequently a guest of Johnny CarsonRICHLITTLE
Ink stainBLOT
Jackie's secondARI
Jump on iceAXEL
Less-filling brewsLITES
Like many knock-knock jokesCORNY
Magazine with annual Style AwardsELLE
Marilyn Monroe and Grace KellyBEAUTYICONS
Me.-to-Fla. routeUSONE
Memo starterINRE
Menu listing literally represented by this puzzle's circlesSIDEDISHES
Mo. townSTL
Morales of "NYPD Blue"ESAI
Movie backdropsSETS
Muddy digsSTY
Musical with nightclub scenesCABARET
On edgeANTSY
Org. with Wizards and MagicNBA
Paper work?ORIGAMI
Paris fashion monogramYSL
Patch, perhapsSEW
Phoenix-to-Albuquerque dirENE
Quite a whileAGES
Ripped to shredsTOREUP
Road trip guessing gameISPY
See 9-DownPOND
Sees afterTENDSTO
Show sorrow or joyCRY
Show sorrow or joyWEEP
Slangy turndownsNAHS
Snickers ingredientCARAMEL
Square measuresAREAS
Statute that protects source confidentiality in journalismSHIELDLAW
Tan shadeECRU
Teapot partSPOUT
With 25-Down, what America is across, to BritsTHE
__ taiMAI