April 10 2016 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"Don't look at me!"NOTI
"Feliz año nuevo" timeENERO
"Forever" purchaseFIRSTCLASSSTAMP
"Kung Fu" actor PhilipAHN
"Oy vey!"AHME
"Semper Fi" orgUSMC
"Suits me fine!"ISUREDO
"The rumor is ... "SOMESAY
"The Simpsons" disco guySTU
"Very funny!"HAHAHA
"You __ right!"ARESO
"__ Enchanted": 2004 filmELLA
"__ Miniver"MRS
53-Across locale, to nativesNORGE
87-Across fashion centerMILAN
Altar up aboveARA
Aunt in P.G. Wodehouse's "Jeeves" storiesAGATHA
Bawling, for crying out loud: AbbrSYN
Biblical name meaning "hairy"ESAU
Billion-year spanEON
Bio infoDOB
Blog updatesPOSTS
Bombards with e-junkSPAMS
Borden spokescowELSIE
Bowl overSTUN
Brain freeze-causing drinksICEES
Brand with a paw print in its logoIAMS
Brit. military awardDSO
Broad-leaved ornamentalHOSTA
Bulgarian capitalSOFIA
Capital with a Viking Ship MuseumOSLO
Cardinal cap lettersSTL
Cedar Rapids campusCOE
Check some figures?OGLE
Chinese gambling meccaMACAO
Claim subject to debateESP
Clumsy typeOAF
Corporate uncertaintyBUSINESSRISK
Desert climate featureDRYHEAT
Do some cleaningDUST
Don Quixote, for oneSPANIARD
Electrical systemGRID
Enterprise counselorTROI
FDR successorHST
Figure of interest?RATE
Flea market dealRESALE
Gets one's feet wetWADES
Gospel singer WinansCECE
Government meeting for delicate subjectsCLOSEDSESSION
Great Sioux War of 1876 eventCUSTERSLASTSTAND
Great __ MountainsSMOKY
Hacker's cryIMIN
Harper's Weekly caricaturistNAST
Highway noise barrierBERM
Hiking guideMAP
Hindu deityRAMA
Hit with hail, sayPELT
Hot spotRANGE
Humana rivalAETNA
Instagram fodderPHOTOS
It has a November kickoffCHRISTMASSEASON
It leaves trailsJET
Kunta __ of "Roots"KINTE
Like easier-to-swallow pillsCOATED
Like Gen. PowellRETD
Like most peopleASIAN
Loop on the rangeLASSO
Lousy sausages?WURSTS
Luke's twinLEIA
Marsh duckTEAL
More painfulSORER
Mulching materialPEAT
Museum piecesART
New York MTA-owned commuter lineLIRR
Nutmeg State teamHUSKIES
Ocular sign of mischiefGLEAM
On the ballALERT
Orgs. that donate to runnersPACS
Pain usually pluralizedTHROE
Peridot and garnetGEMS
Photo subject for NASA's New HorizonsPLUTO
Ping-Pong needNET
Pizzeria chain, familiarlyUNOS
Places for cotsTENTS
Play times?ACTS
Pond hopperTOAD
Prof's aidesTAS
Prohibition era gunGAT
Puerto Rico, por ejemploISLA
Relative of -letETTE
Reminders on cardsCUES
Reporter's sourceLEAK
Ristorante rice dishRISOTTO
Ritzy retreatVILLA
Salentina Peninsula countryITALY
Sauce with a kickTABASCO
Score after deuceADOUT
Sign of a recent biteITCH
Simple to use, in adspeakNOFUSSNOMUSS
Sloppy, as securityLAX
Song often sung in ItalianARIA
Sponge made from a vine fruitLOOFA
St. Clare's townASSISI
Storage mediumDISK
Strain to liftHEFT
Take for a rideBILK
Takes in, sayALTERS
Takes outEXCISES
They're often pickledSOTS
Thin strip of woodSHIM
Three-syllable footANAPEST
Tiny biting flyMIDGE
Tiny tank plantALGA
Torah holdersARKS
Tour de France downtimeRESTDAY
Treasure map unitsPACES
Twisty turns ... and the "quad" in each of this puzzle's eight longest answersESSES
UV-blocker rating systSPF
Vacancy signTOLET
Walgreens rivalCVS
Weapon in a scabbardSABER
Wells Fargo productLOAN
What a Sphynx cat lacksFUR
Woody's sonARLO
WWII Navy vessel named for the 29th stateUSSIOWA
Yucatán nativeMAYA
__ directedUSEAS
__ yearLEAP