Bonza Daily Word Puzzle Answer August 23, 2014

Bonza Daily Word Puzzle Answer A

Bonza Daily Word Puzzle for August 23, 2014 is based on clue "Dance Moves" theme since it is the day when Gene Kelly was born in 1912. How many types of Dance moves can you think of?. Well, let's put them all together using the key to Bonza Word Puzzle for today:

The words in today’s Clue "Dance Moves" daily puzzle are:

  1. Twist (Across)
  2. Gangnam (Across)
  3. Moonwalk (Across)
  4. Twerk (Across)
  5. Boogaloo (Across)
  6. Worm (Down)
  7. Robot (Down)
  8. Macarena (Down)

 Bonza Daily Word Puzzle August 23 2014 Answer